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Any time you notice something unusual with the soft tissues of your mouth, you should call Morehart Dentistry for an oral cancer screening in Maumee and Toledo, Ohio. Since the initial symptoms of this disease can be difficult to detect, our dentist, Dr. Tyler Morehart, can help you identify a problem and, if necessary, refer you to an oral surgeon for further treatment.

Cancers that involve the hard palate, sinuses, cheeks, throat, tongue. cheeks, lips or mouth are all included under the term “oral cancer.” While oral cancer can be treated at its earliest stages, once it has progressed into the more advanced stages, it becomes very hard to treat. Since oral cancer can be life-threatening, our priority is protecting your health. We provide regular screenings for oral cancer, usually during your dental cleaning and exam, to check for any signs of the disease and help you get the necessary treatment if needed.

The symptoms below are common signs of oral cancer. Reach out to us right away if you:

  • Have a sore throat that does not leave or constantly comes back
  • Have a feeling of something being stuck in your throat
  • Experience bleeding in your mouth without a clear reason why
  • Have a sore on your mouth, face or neck that does not get better in two weeks
  • Have numbness or pain in the mouth, face or neck that cannot be explained
  • Have pain in your ears
  • Have any rough or tender spots or bumps or lumps on your lips or anywhere in your mouth
  • Have spotted, white or red patches in the mouth or on the mouth
  • Have trouble chewing, speaking or swallowing
  • Experience a change in your bite or how your teeth or dentures meet

We will check for these symptoms during the oral cancer screening to help protect you and your smile. Call us today to learn more!

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