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If you have trouble with simple jaw movements or experience discomfort when moving your jaw, you may have a TMJ disorder. Fortunately, Dr. Tyler Morehart has a solution and can help you find relief and regain normal jaw function.

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint which connects your lower jaw to the rest of your skull. When this joint becomes misaligned, injured or stressed it can affect your ability to perform daily actions such as eating, yawning and even speaking comfortably. TMJ disorders (TMD) may be caused by a number of different factors, such as arthritis, bruxism (teeth grinding and clenching), stress or injury to your head, jaw or neck.

Some common signs of TMJ disorders include:

  • Popping or clicking noises when opening and closing your mouth
  • The inability to open your mouth wide
  • A stuck or “locked” jaw
  • Pain when biting or chewing
  • Pain in your ears, shoulders or neck
  • Frequent headaches

When you visit Morehart Dentistry, our skilled dentist and team will evaluate your jaw to determine the severity of your TMJ disorder. We will then be able to create a treatment plan to alleviate your discomfort and help you begin regaining your oral health and quality of life. Among the treatment strategies we may recommend are jaw relaxation techniques, night guards, restorative dental treatments, jaw surgery and lifestyle changes. We may combine several different types of treatment to ensure you receive care that meets your needs.

We invite you to call our team today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Morehart and learn more about TMJ treatment in Maumee and Toledo, Ohio. We look forward to helping you regain your smile and your healthy life.

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