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Have you developed trouble with even simple jaw movements or are experiencing head and neck aches? Our dentist may have the solution. Call Morehart Dentistry and schedule a visit for a TMJ/TMD treatments in Maumee and Toledo, Ohio. Dr. Tyler Morehart and our team are here to help you find some relief.

The temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, connects your lower jaw to your skull. When the TMJ is misaligned or stressed, it can cause pain and negatively impact your ability to eat, yawn and speak comfortably. Possible causes of TMJ disorder, or TMD, include injuries to your head, jaw or neck; arthritis, teeth grinding and stress. When you come to see us about a TMJ disorder, we will perform an examination to figure out the cause and design a treatment plan.

You may have TMJ disorder if you:

  • Hear clicking or popping noises when moving your jaw
  • Cannot open your mouth very wide
  • Have a stuck jaw
  • Experience pain when you are biting or chewing
  • Have pain in your ears, shoulders or neck
  • Often experience headaches

Treatment depends on the extent of your TMJ disorder. Possible treatments include changes to your lifestyle, jaw relaxation techniques, night guards, dental restorations and jaw surgery. We may combine multiple treatments to give you the best possible results.

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