Cavities are usually small and a minor form of tooth damage, but if untreated they can cause significant discomfort and lead to additional problems for your oral health. Here at Morehart Dentistry, we provide composite dental fillings to repair and restore your teeth and give you back a beautiful smile.

Dental fillings are simple restorations, and work by literally “filling in” the damaged area of the tooth to restore its health, strength and appearance. A filling can be completed in a single visit to our dentist and team, allowing you to leave our office with a renewed smile.

When you receive a filling, our dentist will first remove the decayed or damaged portion of the tooth and thoroughly clean it. The filling material is then placed and sculpted to match the contours of your tooth. Our dentist will then harden the filling to complete your treatment.

At our office, we have chosen to use only composite, or tooth-colored, filling material. This type of filling provides a more natural final result as well as promoting better long-term oral health. Using a composite material offers many benefits, including:

  • Filling material that bonds to your tooth to support its structural integrity
  • A reduced risk that the treated tooth will break in the future
  • Better insultation from temperature changes
  • Better seals at the edges of the filling, increasing the tooth’s resistance to decay and leaks in the future
  • The ability to correct cavities that are too small for traditional metal filling material to correct
  • Fillings that can be repaired and replaced with greater ease, and without removing them entirely from the tooth
  • A safer and healthier option, as no mercury or other metals are used

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