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At Morehart Dentistry, we want to help you enjoy a natural smile because your original teeth are the ones that serve you best. However, in some cases your teeth may sustain such severe damage that they put your oral health and the health of your remaining teeth at risk. In cases like this, our dentist may recommend a tooth extraction.

Tooth extractions are typically recommended when:

  • Significant decay has damaged a tooth beyond the point where it can be successfully restored
  • Severe infection has destroyed much of the tooth and its supporting bone
  • Overcrowded prevents the teeth from fitting and aligning correctly in the mouth

Dr. Tyler Morehart will use all his expertise to remove your tooth from your mouth as gently as possible. We will provide anesthetic to ensure your comfort during the extraction itself, as well as detailed post-op instructions to help you care for your mouth and smile as you heal.

After you have recovered, our dentist and team will discuss options for replacing the missing tooth or teeth to fully restore your oral health and smile. We are committed to helping you enjoy all the benefits of a healthy, fully functional and aesthetic smile for a lifetime.

For more information about tooth extractions in Maumee and Toledo, Ohio, and to schedule a consultation with our skilled dentist, please contact our office and speak with a member of our team.

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